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Our formation

The beginning of religious life is always a personal call of God.

The stages of formation in our Congregation are postulancy, noviciate and juniorate. Even before, in a "time of orientation", a woman interested in religious life can inform herself about the Congregation. She will be accompanied by a Sister of the Congregation.

The duration of postulancy is at least six months and allows the candidate and the Congregation to get to know each other. Depending on the situation in the country, province or delegation and depending on the candidate herself, postulancy can be organized differently.

During the two-year period of noviciate, the emphasis is given on the initiation to the apostolic religious life in our Congregation. It comprises of deepening of religious knowledge in general as well as of the charism of our religious family. The spiritual formation and practice require essentially the personal involvement of the novice, who is supported by a spiritual adviser in this process. The increasing integration into community life is very important. All these should lead the novice and the Congregation to a decision whether the personal call of the novice can be realized in our Congregation or not. Times of silence and prayer are means to intensify the relationship to Jesus and to come to a clear personal decision. If, at the end of the noviciate, the novice and the Congregation are convinced that the religious life in our Congregation corresponds to the personal call of the novice, the novice by the first profession publicly commits herself to God and in the Congregation by temporary vows.

This marks the beginning of juniorate, the last stage of basic formation. The congregation assigns a mission to the junior sister and she is integrated in a community. At this stage of formation, the sister as a new member of the Congregation experiences everyday life in a community. She takes up a specific work or begins her studies. Meetings of temporarily professed sisters give valuable impulses and are opportunities of exchange among them. Apart from that, the accompaniment of the sister in charge of the juniorate and life in the community should prepare the sister for a total commitment to God in the Congregation through the final profession.