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We consider our religious life within our Congregation as a means to live our vocation as baptized people and to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

The Profession of the Evangelical Counsels, consecrated chastity for the sake of the Kingdom, voluntary poverty, religious obedience and life in a fraternal community are constitutive parts of our way of life. We commit ourselves voluntarily when we take our vows.

Through the vows, we dedicate all our efforts and forces to God and thus put them at the service of Christ and his Kingdom, so that for us, to love does not mean to withdraw within ourselves but to make a gift of the self; to have is not to possess but to share; to exercise power is not to dominate; but to serve. At the same time, we renounce ourselves some of the most essential human values like marriage and family life. This we do alone for the love of God, on whose help we depend and rely.

The vows are a sign that God is Love, that he is the only good, that he is the only Lord.