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The Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Saviour

Congregation - Structures of government

Our Congregation currently comprises 1300 sisters. It is a community of religious life inclined to apostolic services and an institute of Pontifical Right. When we take our public vows, we commit ourselves to the evangelical counsels of chastity for the sake of the Kingdom, voluntary poverty and religious obedience. We promise to live in fraternal community and follow our foundress; we fulfil our mission in accordance with the Church. Our Rule of life serves as a means of orientation but at the same time is also an obligation.

There is no uniform clothing so that we can adapt more easily to local conditions. Nevertheless there are regulations for the individual countries and regions. What all sisters have in common is the cross, which they wear to manifest their belonging to the Congregation.

Structure of Government

We live in communities with a local Superior. Depending on the apostolic efforts and the field of service the sisters live in institutions belonging to the Congregation, in houses or in flats. Local communities are grouped into provinces and delegations. Basically, each sister is responsible on her part for the fulfilment of the common mission of the Congregation. We provide ourselves with structures of government to help each sister, each community, each province or delegation to exercise this responsibility.

The structure of government is based on the spirit of collegiality and the principle of subsidiarity. It comprises

• At the general level: the General Chapter, Superior General assisted by a Council.

• At the level of the provinces or the delegations: the Provincial Superior or the Delegation Superior assisted by a Council, and the Provincial or Delegation Chapter.

• At the level of the communities: the local Superior assisted in certain cases by a Council and the local Chapter.

The Rule of Life clearly defines the areas of responsibility and the field of competence.