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200 years ago...

200 years ago - on January 20, 1823 - Father Jean-David Reichard was installed as parish priest in Niederbronn. This commemoration was an opportunity for us, Sisters of the Divine Saviour, to remember "this priest according to the heart of God". As a spiritual guide, he followed the path of our foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie, from the beginning.

He actively supported the foundation of the Congregation and finally left his mark on the first stage as ecclesiastical superior.

On Saturday January 21, the parish of Niederbronn arranged two conferences and a solemn Mass in memory of Father Reichard.

"Father Reichard, a parish priest according to the heart of God" was the title chosen by Fr Patrick Koehler for his conference and Auxiliary Bishop Gilles Reithinger, showed the action of Father Reichard with the theme "The branch cannot bear fruit by itself".

In addition to the two lecturers, the current parish priest of Niederbronn, Fr Dominique Jung, as well as Bishop Emeritus Pierre Raffin and Father Eddy-Innocent Ngoy Manda, who work as chaplains at the Motherhouse in Oberbronn, participated in the festive celebration. Led by Mayor Anne Guillier, the church choir contributed greatly   to the organisation   of the solemn liturgy.