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Five years later...

On 9 September, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the beatification of Mother Alphonse Marie, foundress of our Congregation.

We didn't want to celebrate only within the Motherhouse communities, but we invited the sisters from nearby communities, our collaborators and the people who regularly come to the chapel to take part in the Holy Mass.

In his talk, Fr. Patrick Koehler emphasised the topicality of the concerns and attitudes that marked the journey and life of Mother Alphonse Marie. And he reminded us above all of the Beatitudes, which he described as a "path of mercy", where it is not a question of doing great deeds, but often of making small, simple gestures in living together...

During the festive celebration of the Eucharist that followed, in memory of Mother Alphonse Marie, we could feel the communion with all our sisters from different countries. The messages that were exchanged that day made this clearly visible.

All those taking part in the Eucharistic celebration were then invited to a simple meal, which provided an opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange ideas.