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After days of intensive discussion on our situation as congregation, on the upcoming themes (issues ahead of us) and current questions, we are given days of reflection guided by an experienced religious of another congregation, Sr. Micheline Rossignol.

She gives us impulses - also through selected passages from the Bible – to the questions we are confronted with here in the chapter: responsibility, fidelity to the charism of the congregation, authority in the light of the Gospel.

The general chapter taking place every six years (as the present one) has - as „chapter of matters“ - not only the task of retrospective evaluation and of working out impulses for the future, but - as chapter of election - also to elect the members of the general administration:

Superior general, her council, general assistants; general financial administrator and general secretary.

On Saturday, 11th August, will be the election of the superior general who is in the direct succession of our foundress.

This is always a special day in the general motherhouse – also with festiveness.

Then there is a day of interruption, a break prescribed. Further elections follow in the coming week.

At the election of the Apostle Matthias which is narrated in the Acts of the Apostle, the assembled body of the followers of Jesus prayed: Lord, show us whom you choose!

We are called to pray likewise.

We invite all who are united with us during these days, to pray with us.

All sisters of our congregation are already doing this since months.

We will continue to report about the coming exciting days.