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The day after the election of the superior general we can embark on a trip.

Where we are heading to, should be a surprise.

After the Sunday-Mass we get into two buses and leave Oberbronn.

The weather conditions couldn’t be better.

In the bus we come to know: it goes towards Germany – to Heidelberg!

Soon there is a relaxed, joyful atmosphere.

After about two hours we reach Heidelberg and the bus-drivers have a challenge to overcome: The bends and narrow parts of the street further up to the famous Schlossberg (castle hill).

The passengers of one bus have to undertake part of the ascent on foot.

Once at the top all are busy with the lunch packet each one prepared in the morning. We are observing the many tourists and visitors gathered here, and of course they observe us, too. All shoot lot of photos.

Then we go into the castle courtyard and on the scenic lookout – Fr. Weber tells us something about the history of this impressive structure which is partially broken down since the “Thirty Years War” and afterwards (allegedly the largest and most famous ruin of the world), but still showing the impressive Renaissance–backdrop of the residence of the Count Palatines at river Rhine and later Elector.

Impressive is also the famous huge barrel of the prince in a large basement the custodian of which was the „dwarf Perkeo” who was supposed to have drunk only wine all his life.

After a walk around the historical old town, a visit to the baroque church of the Jesuits and bag of ice crème we got again into our buses.

In the evening we have the chance to be with our sisters in our convent Maria Hilf in Bühl at the Vespers and afterwards at a very good buffet before crossing again the river Rhine and returning to Oberbronn.

Have a look at the photos – it is impossible to describe the many beautiful impressions of this day for which we thank very much our superiors.

Now we are again strengthened to continue the work of the general chapter.