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Going towards Christmas

Our Advent wreath

Because of the interesting ideas and the talented skills of our employees, a fountain in our convent courtyard is "transformed" into a huge Advent wreath at the beginning of the Advent. In the evenings of the four Advent Sundays, this was the gathering place for a small Advent celebration that was invited from our guesthouse. Each time, one more candle was burning on our wreath, the children and the seniors have beautified it with homemade decorations. Various choirs from the area performed the program, also with texts for Advent and Christmas „the St. Nicholas Bishop" once came to visit and the Boy Scouts brought the light of Bethlehem.

Last Sunday with a concert in the convent church, we concluded this special way through the Advent time.


We the Sisters of the Divine Saviour wish you all

a blessed and meaningful celebration

of the birth of Christ and for the New Year 2019

joy, courage and confidence!