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Farewell to the Domaine de l’ Asnée in Villers-les-Nancy (Diocesan House)

On 20th December 2018 many people were gathered with Bishop Papin, Bishop of Nancy and Toul, for the Eucharistic celebration in the chapel of the Diocesan House: priest-friends, Sr. Monika Heuser our superior general, sisters of her council, the present provincial council and its former members, many coworkers and volunteers who are committed in making the diocesan house a living sign of the Church, friends and other near ones who became friends through various meetings, coworkers who are involved in the "Maison Saint Sauveur" (our old age home), sisters from other congregations and of course the sisters of our congregation ...

But what brought us together?

Since July 2004, the French sisters of the Divine Saviour came to know the “Domaine de l’Asnée” where the Province of Paris and the Province of Strasbourg have merged in a single unit: the Province of France.

The demographic situation of the congregation in France has changed significantly between 2004 and 2018; a change of structure was reflected during the General Chapter in August. Thus, it was decided that the Province of France would become the French Region: as of 6th January 2019, with the end of the mandate of the present provincial council, the communities are directly attached to the general council with one general assistant delegated for the Region. The administration will be transferred to the Motherhouse of Oberbronn (Alsace). Thus, the premises in Villers les Nancy are no longer necessary.

However, before we leave we wanted to celebrate with all the close ones, the blessed times that we lived in the diocese of Nancy during the last few years. We thank God for the many friendly relationships that have formed and deepened among us. They have shown us the richness and the complementarity of the various vocations in the Church, in the service of the People of God and of society.

Now it begins a new phase in the life of our congregation in France. We want to live in faith, confidence and hope!