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First Profession of Sister Nicole Maria

„Draw joyfully water from the spring of salvation“ (Isaiah)


On Sunday the feast of the Divine Mercy of God, Sr. Nicole Maria celebrated her first profession in the parish church of St. Elisabeth in Bratislava. Father Jozef Sukeník, a Franciscan Minorite, held the solemn Eucharistic celebration together with several priests. In the presence of her parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, acquaintances, friends, fellow sisters and also members of the parish, Sr. Gracia Kováčová the Provincial Superior has received in the name of the Congregation the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience from Sr. Nicole Maria.

After the Holy Mass, the invited guests gathered in the dining hall of the Centrum Salvator for the feast. The festive program ended with the solemn Vespers in the chapel of St. Joseph.

The new place of activity for Sr. Nicole Marie is the community in Znojmo, where she will fulfill her mission as Sister of the Divine Saviour.