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My call to holiness

as Sister of the Divine Saviour in the world today


After two years of break, the younger sisters of our Congregation who live in Europe met again in Bratislava in the Centre Salvator. This time the theme was that is always actual the call to holiness, which was brought back to awareness by the apostolic letter of Pope Francis "Gaudete et Exsultate".

After a review of one’s own vocational journey, there was intensive exchange in small groups and humorous presentations in the plenum. There was also the possibility to visit two Slovakian Blessed Martyrs: Blessed Sr. Zdenka Schelingova, the Holy Cross Sister, and the Salesian Father Titus Zeman. The life witness of the both blessed and their unshakable fidelity and courage impressed everyone deeply.

The experience could be brought before the Lord in a silent adoration at night.

On the last day after the meeting with the Provincial Superiors and the General Superior, the Sisters left strengthened anew in order to put into practice in their daily lives what they had "drawn".