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Commitment of religious vows

"Joyfully, you shall draw water from the springs of salvation." Isaiah 12:3


It fills us with joy and hope to see that, despite many opportunities in our society, there are still young people who hear God's call and respond to his love with the gift of their lives in religious life.

These days, ten young women have committed themselves in our congregation, in the service of God and their brothers. They have completed their basic religious formation through the postulancy and the two years of novitiate.

In Africa, in the province of Angola, 9 sisters consecrated their lives to God on October 15th with the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in our religious congregation: sr. Dionisia, sr. Esmeralda, sr. Floriana, sr. Julia, sr. Maria de Lourdes, sr. Matilde, sr. Paulina, sr. Prudenciana and sr. Sabina.

In the German-Austrian Province, sr. Sofie made her first vows on October 17th in the convent church of the Heart of Jesus in Munich.

This is a grace and a gift for our congregation and for the Church. Following the example of our Blessed Foundress, may our sisters with fidelity and joy follow Jesus, to whom they have given their "yes".