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From 12th to 18th October 2020, a "missions’ team" "Red Cross" set off with the Bishops in the district of Reims.

Ready for the mission! "The Christians of the parishes of the mission area of Reims West and the community of diocesan missionaries, accompanied by the Archbishop of Reims, Mgr. Éric de Moulins Beaufort and Mgr. Bruno Feille, are coming to you:  Visits, listening, exchanges, Eucharistic celebrations, time to build up peace. The Church of Saint Bruno will be open the whole week. You all are welcome to join us." So was the invitation text that was addressed to all the residents.

The sisters of our community were happy to join them and we have experienced much joy. Each sister contributed with her skills to this event with the theme: "Blessed are the peacemakers". In front of the altar there was a dove of peace, which was placed at the entrance of the Church after the last Eucharistic celebration.

Every morning after the welcome coffee, there was a prayer time and we were sent out two by two by the Archbishop to meet the people who live in the surrounding area of the St. Bruno Church. During this time some were praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament exposed. Others prepared the common meals.

At noon we were expected for lunch. At 2 pm we started again to meet the people and at 5.30 pm we evaluated and reflected the day. All these experiences were then brought before the Lord in the Eucharistic celebration.

We invited the people for dinner whom we met. At the end of the day there were times for prayer and adoration with different themes like: peace, women, children and consolation. On Saturday there was a prayer evening of praise and thanksgiving with sharing of testimonies and singing the songs by choir "Coeur Horizon". The Bishops gave catechism on different themes.

During a group reflection, someone said that he was very much touched by the intensive encounters with the people. We had come into contact with about 100 people this week. Some expressed the desire to be baptised, others received the anointing of the sick or the sacrament of reconciliation... Those who are involved in evangelisation came to know each other better. We were strengthened by the intensive times of prayer and sharing on various topics. There was a very good atmosphere among us; one could see the serene faces and there was a lot of laughter...

In conclusion, we can say that all that was possible has been done, but still there is a lot to do... We would like to invite everyone to continue the mission.


The sisters of the community in Reims

Sr. Bernadette, Sr. Geneviève, Sr. Marthe and Sr. Solange



Video: https://youtu.be/cZJ2i5TkRbM