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(Mother Alphonse) Mary got up and left in a hurry. And we too?!


As young people from all over the world gathered in Portugal for World Youth Day (WYD), we too, the young sisters from the European provinces and the region, met in our Mother House in Oberbronn.

Like them, we too set out - with Mary and with our foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie - with the desire to deepen once again our vocation and mission as Sisters of the Divine Saviour. Our group has expanded to include three Angolan sisters who began their mission in Europe some time ago.

We chose the theme of the meeting in connection with the WYD theme: (Mother Alphonse) Mary got up and set off in haste - and we too!

On Friday, in personal reflection and in sharing, we reflected on Pope Francis' letter to the youth of WYD and also on which attitudes of Mother Alphonsus Mary we rediscover and how we can be inspired by them today.

On Saturday, we went to Niederbronn, where we prayed at the founding place of the congregation, and in the afternoon, we hurried to the home of "Elisabeth", our "elders in the congregation" = the sisters who are cared for in the Niederbronn and Oberbronn; nursing homes. Each of them received a "gift of friendship" that we had brought along. It was truly a wonderful family reunion between two generations. In the evening, despite the rainy weather, we didn't give up the barbecue, but simply moved it inside a hall where we enjoyed a delicious meal with the sisters from the communities.

The last day was dedicated to a meeting with the Superior General, the Provincial Superiors and the Sister delegated for the Region.

Although many sisters had to travel a long way to get to this meeting, we spent a joyful, fraternal and Holy Spirit-filled time together, which strengthened and encouraged us to serve the Kingdom of God and our fellow human beings.