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Current events

A further step for the beatification

2018 – Our chapter year!

A great number of guests followed the invitation to the Jubilee Mass in the Basilica

At various times of the year the members of the German community meet as regional groups or as the German group as a whole.

On seven successive Wednesday and Friday afternoons ten to twelve children, each accompanied by one parent, met for their preparation with Sr. Odilia...

Everyone is taking part actively in the national youth festival of the school in Nkoulou (Cameron), led by the sisters oft he congregation.

Youth Corbinian November 2017 at Freising/Germany

Our junior sisters Sr. Gabriela, Sr. Jozefa and Sr. Monika with their junior mistress Sr. Angelika took part in a meeting on 12 March 2016 "SOMEONE...

Province Germany-Austria: Meeting of the sisters at Obernzell