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Current events

World meeting for young consecrated men and women /Rome, 15th - 19th September 2015

Sisters from different countries and continents have experienced “rich” and enriching days in Oberbronn.

Celebration of St. Henry’s Feast 2015 at Bamberg / Germany

Initiatives of a team of young nuns and monks

Children discover Africa – in the middle of Munich…

What if Lent meant something different from a time of seriousness, deprivation and frustration?

Stars XXL – at the European Youth Meeting 2014/15 in the Nunnery of St. Joseph at Neumarkt/Oberpfalz

As nearly every year the younger sisters of our European provinces also met in the jubilee year of the 200th anniversary celebrating the birthday of...

“Invited to the feast of faith…” – With this song the service began during which Sr. Sara Thiel took the Final Vows in the parish church of St. Benno...