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Our Spiritualiy

Our foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie, was especially attracted in contemplating the life and passion of Jesus. This led her to a deeper understanding of God’s unconditional love for all human beings, especially for “the poor and the sick”. Her ardent desire was to intensify the direct relationship to God and to love him more and more. Out of that experience she wanted others to realize that God loved them. Following her example, we, as Sisters of the Divine Saviour, attempt to intensify our understanding of God’s love, which is particularly visible in the life, in the death and in the resurrection of Jesus. Through his infinite love, he gained redemption and salvation for us. We have to accept this gift again and again in our life in order to make others to experience salvation.

We make the essential message of Mother Alphonse Marie our own motto in life:

“The spirit of Jesus Christ the Saviour ought to animate them (the sisters) and penetrate them in such a way that one finds Christ in every action or word of theirs”

So we understand our daily life as a challenge to follow Jesus:

• Taking care of all people, making no distinction of race, religion or social situation.
• Being flexible, kind and joyful in our commitment.
• Living a simple life and being open towards our brothers and sisters and being attentive for human realities.
• Living with a total trust in God and in a deep relationship to him.